"Eddy & Schein helps clients gather the information that I need to prepare their taxes. It is extremely helpful. E&S also provides good interface between client and accountant.  Their service is terrific for accountants who have elderly clients."

Diana Dominick
Greenspan, Dominick & Associates

"During an extremely difficult and emotionally trying time in my life, Rebecca Eddy was a steady presence who helped me move from one task to another.  She helped us pull together the team needed (auction houses, rare book dealers, realtors, professional organizers) for my husband and me to downsize.  She supported me as I took on the task of handling our finances, teaching me as we went along. She was there when my husband passed away and helped me as I settled his estate.  She continues to provide guidance, answer questions and help me analyze my spending."

Pamela Estes

"Eddy and Schein is capable, cooperative and persistent, a pleasure to work with."

Natalie Kaplan
Elder Law on Wheels

"Last week I had a question about Medicare insurance plans. Gideon Schein was immediately available by phone to explain all of the best (and worst) possibilities. He was really clear about a very complex subject and gave us excellent unbiased advice.

"The bottom line is that I would trust Gideon Schein of Eddy & Schein to take care of the services required by seniors for "Life Keeping." Lots of the things that all of us deal with in our lives are complex and a competent guide is always welcome. I would trust Gideon to be that guide."

Susan Pickman, Ph.D., CFE
Investigations/Case Evaluations; Consulting/Expert Witness

"Rebecca Eddy and Gideon Schein are honest, passionate, genuinely concerned about their clients, and most of all, very effective at what they do. They really care, and it shows."

Ron Fatoullah
Managing Attorney
Ronald Fatoullah & Associates

"Eddy & Schein is knowledgeable and trustworthy. They are on top of things. They understand what the client is going through. They are likable and great to work with."

Henry Alter
Long Term Care Provider and Founder of The Orion Resource Group
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