Senior Citizens

Are you a senior citizen who sometimes needs help organizing your financial affairs?

Are you investigating Medicaid?

Are you worried that the time may come that you will not be able to live in your own home?

You're not alone!

Life Keeping, Not Just Bookkeeping®

As one of our clients put it, "You made the impossible, possible again."

Eddy & Schein In-Home Administrators for Seniors® has been helping seniors manage their personal, financial, legal, and health insurance matters for over a decade. Older clients who work with us are able to enjoy happier and more productive and independent lives, right in their own homes. If you are feeling that you would like some assistance managing your affairs, here are some of the ways we may be able help you:

  • Pay your bills, on-time and consistently
  • Organize and streamline income and expense tracking
  • Provide regularly-required information to your accountants and lawyers
  • Talk through decisions that require careful consideration
  • Coordinate and track philanthropic activity for annual tax deductions and estate planning purposes
  • Catalog assets and personal effects for estate planning purposes
  • Analyze insurance coverage and make recommendations to you for the best insurance plan
  • Compile the documentation for Medicare and supplemental insurance claims and appeals
  • Provide documentation for Medicaid applications
  • Track your doctors' bills and pharmacy bills and determine which are covered by insurance
  • Plan for home health care with the appropriate professionals
  • Find the right living environment if you are considering relocation
  • Protect you from financial abuse and identity theft

Please call us for a free telephone consultation. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

In New York, call 212-987-1427 

In Los Angeles, call 646-372-0090


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