You’re called the Sandwich Generation, Baby Boomer, Gen X

You’re a busy career person, philanthropist, entrepreneur, volunteer, and/or parent. In other words, you’re trying to do it all.

You may have so many drains on your time that taking care of personal business can create stress.  You probably pay your bills on time, but …  

Are your documents organized at tax time?

Do you want help tracking health care claims and doctors’ bills? 

Do you need to catalogue assets and revenue streams?

Daily Money Manager

Your Life is complicated.
We can help.

Eddy & Schein has been helping people just like you manage complex administrative and day-to-day financial affairs for over a decade. We provide the expertise, organizational systems, and daily management of a vast number of tasks and projects so that you can focus on more important things.

Here are some of the ways that we may be able to help you:

  • Pay your bills, on-time and consistently
  • Organize income and expense tracking
  • Provide regularly-required information to your accountants and lawyers
  • Coordinate and track philanthropic activity for annual tax deductions and estate planning purposes
  • Catalog assets and personal effects
  • Handle complex insurance problems or simply file regular medical claims
  • Protect you from financial abuse and identity theft
Please call us in New York at 212-987-1427 or in Los Angeles at 646-372-0090 for a free telephone consultation. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.


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