New! Creating Your Digital Estate Plan

How safe are your digital assets?  If you suddenly died or became incapacitated, would your family or authorized representative know what “invisible” online and web-based accounts you have?  Would they know where to find them?  Would they know the passwords?

To answer these important and timely questions, we are pleased to announce the publication of Creating Your Digital Estate Plan, an authoritative and comprehensive guide to this vital issue. Eddy & Schein were contributors to this downloadable PDF, authored by renowned organization expert, Judith Kolberg.

Creating Your Digital Estate Plan is a step-by-step guide to securing so many things we take for granted — social media accounts, passwords, automatic deposits and payments, electronic banking authorizations and much more.  It includes a digital estate plan that you can fill in for your own accounts, for your parents, or for others in your care.  The plan and suggestions not only protect people’s digital “world” after they die, they safeguard digital profile and assets now. Learn how to:

  • Provide for the safe transference of digital information to your family or executor
  • Assure that your digital assets are correctly included in your estate
  • Secure your information from hackers and thieves

At just $9.99, this is an invaluable guide for:

  • Anyone with information stored on the web, as well as members of their families
  • Financial organizers /daily money managers
  • Professional organizers
  • Financial and legal professionals responsible for planning the estates of others

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