How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Aging in Place


  • Always maintain two photo identification documents
  • Make sure legal documents are in order, up to date, and have back-up provisions
    • Will with family tree
    • Power of Attorney
    • Health Care Proxy and Living Will
  • Consolidate investments
  • Put bills on autopay
  • Have checks deposited directly to the bank
  • Have a list of all bils (monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Set up third party notification - using your list of bills, ask each company to inform another person if you miss a bill payment
  • Review all insurance policies


  • Clear out clutter
  • Safety check environment for trip hazards and placement of grab bars
  • Get to know a Geriatric Care Manager who can do the following when the time comes
    • Coordinate aides
    • Coordinate medical appointments
    • Coordinate medicines
  • List of all doctors/operations/medications

A support peson and back-up - Inform them of all of the above


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