Is Funeral PrePlanning Right for Me?

Is Funeral PrePlanning Right for Me? by Eddy & Schein{3:25 minutes to read} Below are a few common situations and resulting questions that seniors and their loved ones encounter:

  • George is getting older in years, and his few heirs don’t have much money. How will they pay for his funeral before George’s money gets put into an estate account?

  • Barry is in hospice at home and his wife is elderly. How can his funeral plans be pre-arranged so that Barry’s wife can be freed up to focus on her family and friends at that time?

  • Elena and her family are working on making her eligible for Medicaid. How can her assets be used to plan for her funeral while she still has access to her funds?

What Are the Indicators That a Daily Money Manager Might Be Useful?

{2:40 minutes to read} There are many situations in which the services of a Daily Money Manager (DMM) can be beneficial, whether it's dealing with an isolated project or working in a more long-term capacity, but life often has to provide an extra push before people will ask for help.

So, what finally inspires people to seek assistance? Here are a few examples: 

Seniors in Cities: Protecting Aging Residents

{2:50 minutes to read} City dwellers living in multiunit housing have unique challenges. Every building has its own cast of characters, each making lifestyle choices which may or may not affect their neighbors. Nonsmokers may take issue with smokers, particularly those who smoke heavily. Non-pet owners may not appreciate pet owners, especially those who are unable to properly care for or control their pets. Among the many needs and desires of residents that a building manager may juggle, the special concerns specific to aging residents may be the most challenging.

Honoring Aging Life Care Professionals!

{2:50 minutes to read} What does a 97-year-old woman with mild paranoia and beginning stages of dementia, a lonely 86-year-old WWII vet being taken advantage of by a woman who has befriended him, and an 87-year-old forgetful woman hoarding papers in a tiny apartment have in common? 
They are all Eddy & Schein clients who have benefited personally from the work of Aging Life Care Professionals, also known as Geriatric Care Managers. 

Planning for Life’s Unexpected Turns

When we are young and fearless, not yet feeling our own mortality, we do very little planning ahead. However, as we grow older and take on greater responsibilities, we begin to address the future differently. We may use that new foresight to develop a retirement plan for when we leave the workforce and create wills to provide for our loved ones when we are gone. What we often fail to prepare for are circumstances, whether due to an accident, illness, or mental decline, which interfere with our ability to make reasonable decisions and meet our daily needs. Anticipating that kind of a challenge requires only a few documents appointing someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf, and you are rarely too young to start.  
Power of Attorney (POA):   
A POA names an “agent” who can act as your financial and legal representative. There are three main forms of POAs, though their names and how they’re constructed may  differ from state to state.


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