Searching for Nursing Homes

We at Eddy & Schein are committed to finding ways to keep our clients at home and provide the elderly with all the services they need at home through a large network of professional Advisers. Over the past decade none of our clients have gone to a nursing home, and only three have moved to Assisted Living facilities or Retirement communities.

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Organize with New York Style

As a loyal Board Member and Treasurer of NAPO-NY, the New York chapter of the National association of Professional Organizers, I attended the “Organize with New York Style” conference this past Saturday at the Helmsley hotel.  Since this conference was targeted to the general public, as an early education tool, and I have been a Financial Organizer or Daily Money Manager for over a decade, I we

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Help for Medicare appeals

I am working on a complicated appeal to a Medicare denial. The same series of procedures were denied on four different occasions and each time the denial was reversed. The denial language changed again and I needed help. I went to the Medicare Rights Center and found someone who could help me custom design this appeal.

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Looking forward to the NAPO-NY conference on Saturday March 5, 2011

Professional Organizing has become an increasingly more important part of our lives.  Hope to see you at this event.

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