Why We Coined the Phrase “Life Keeping”

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the phrase “Life Keeping,” part of the Eddy & Schein tagline? Life Keeping is our brand promise and one of our core values.
The term came to mind after a session where Gideon worked with a client on reviving her tradition of writing a Christmas poem, taking a photo, and combining them to create a Christmas card which she sent out to friends and family. This was not the first time our work had taken us in directions that extended beyond finances, but that particular activity inspired new insights about the services we provide. It became clear that our role is to help our clients live more enriched lives during a time when their involvement with the world around them may be contracting.
Since then, the term Life Keeping has expanded to incorporate an ever-growing number of productive and affirming interactions. Some of these Life Keeping activities include:  

  • Chatting with a client, which may lead to hearing concerns they have that we can help with.
  • Arranging for a companion to escort a memory-impaired client to the airport and through security in order to visit family or friends.
  • Encouraging a client to attend the opera, theater, and concerts — and helping to make the accommodating arrangements.
  • Getting a client enrolled in a museum program.
  • Taking a client to lunch.
  • Arranging for a client to visit with friends or have friends visit.
  • Attending a meeting with Human Resources to help smooth out an early retirement process and to negotiate the best package. 
  • Coordinating with family and professional advisors to make dream projects happen. 
  • Helping to get Christmas cards created, prepared, and mailed.
  • Organizing and putting on a 90th (or even a 100th) birthday party.
  • Introducing a client to a Geriatric Care Manager — before a crisis hits — in order to establish a rapport and a baseline assessment.
  • Identifying when a client needs home health aides.
  • Maintaining appropriate lines of communication between clients and their families.
  • Assembling and coordinating teams of professionals specific to a client’s needs in order to ensure the best possible care.
  • Making sure a client has all the legal documents (Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy) necessary to allow for support when the time comes.  

What ways are you providing Life Keeping for your aging family or friends? Email your stories to us at info@eddyandschein.com

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