Stress Reduction for All Walks of Life

The top four causes of stress in American adults, according to The American Institute of Stress, are Job Pressure, Money, Health, and Relationships

Curious how a Daily Money Manager (DMM) can reduce your stress?

Hiring a DMM is unlikely to directly impact the stress that comes from job pressure, but the next three stressors can be minimized with the assistance of a DMM. The variety of reasons for involving a DMM can potentially affect many facets of life.

Money: The Basics

Daily Money Managers work in your home on a personalized plan which may include organizing financial documents, paying bills, balancing checkbooks, tracking investment accounts, preparing cash flow projections, negotiating with creditors, identifying and resolving fraud, and creating a budget. Additionally, they can assist by collecting and organizing tax information to reduce, not only your stress but your accountant’s stress as well.

Health: An Abundance of Paperwork and Potential Team Building

Overwhelmed by medical bills, insurance statements, long-term care insurance claims? Not sure what to pay? Let a DMM tackle the task and you can be relieved of that stress.

The increasing challenge of handling medical and other bills may be the trigger that inspires someone to call a DMM. However, particularly in the case of aging clients, these issues can be the tip of the iceberg, indicators of larger conditions such as cognitive dysfunction, undiagnosed physical health issues, chronic disorganization, or the beginnings of hoarding. In working with clients, the underlying problems may be exposed; DMMs often have connections to a larger network of professionals whose expertise can assist with the care and treatment of these problems. In choosing a DMM, select one who is experienced in enlisting, building, and coordinating the professionals you might need for an effective team to care for you or your loved ones.

Relationships: Sharing and Dividing

It is no secret that dealing with financial matters, particularly differences in financial priorities, can put a strain on any relationship. The DMM, as a neutral professional, can serve as a buffer. DMMs work with couples to identify spending habits and come up with solutions to find a middle ground that accommodates both styles of money management. If a couple is divorcing, there may be a need for documentation of the expenses related to their lifestyle. Or, once a couple is divorced, the multiple stresses of juggling parenthood, work, and finances can be relieved with help from a DMM. Often, one partner or the other has never dealt with the family financial affairs and find themselves overwhelmed; hiring a DMM can ease that stress.

While the main focus of Stress Awareness Month is finding ways to help yourself identify and manage stress, sometimes the solution is the involvement of others. Our friends and family can play a great role in managing stressful situations, but in some cases, it is wise to include professionals. DMMs are some of the professionals who make it their business to actively assist in relieving day-to-day stressors.

Other professions which may help to reduce stress include Professional Organizers and Aging Life Care Associates

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