Blog: June 2018

National Pop Goes the Weasel Day








June 14 observed National Pop Goes the Weasel Day.

All around the mulberry bush

The monkey chased the weasel

Older Americans Month: Engage at Every Age

This year, Older Americans Month (observed every May) addresses one of our favorite topics, “Keeping Engaged at Every Age.” The client managers at Eddy & Schein have had the pleasure of working with seniors for the last 20 years. In this time, we’ve posted many articles that share ideas of how to keep our loved ones engaged as they age, and the importance of participating in activities that promote mental and physical wellness. 

While the positive effects of self-care cannot be overstated, it is also important to remember that we are never too old to make a difference in our world. The breadth of experience that seniors have gives them the ability to offer wisdom and experience to the next generation. What an amazing range of events seniors have lived through; each decade varies from the next and differs even more from the world we live in today. Below are a few examples of insight, experience, and history that come with age:

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