Blog: May 2018

Families With Children & Teens Need Mental Health Check-Ups

Rebecca Eddy and Gideon Schein - Families with Children & Teens Need Mental Health Check-ups Mental health has become a hot button issue. Addressing mental health matters includes concern for the impact of social pressures, politics, and conditioned prejudice.

On Friday, May 18, 2018, there was another mass shooting in an American school. Setting aside any larger political discussion, the shooting was an example of the extremes faced by our youth and raises more concerns about their mental health.

Teen suicide rates have risen (alarmingly so) over the past two years, but mental health issues are by no means limited to youth. With the ever-increasing stress of economic and social pressures, mental health issues have become more common in family life. Still, a large majority of us are unwilling, ashamed, or afraid to seek help for ourselves or for our friends and family.

During Mental Health Awareness month, we would like to share a campaign organized by NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) in the hope that greater understanding can assist in reducing the current stigma.

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