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Why We Coined the Phrase “Life Keeping”

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the phrase “Life Keeping,” part of the Eddy & Schein tagline?

A Review of Good Dying

In her book, Blossoming, Sara Kirschenbaum has chronicled her father’s eight years of declining health and how the family used creativity and love to ease the journey. Coffee with ice cream on the side and shape dancing in the mornings, wonderful masks in the hospital, and a wedding in wheelchairs in the park are only a few of the joyful moments that Sara captured in her photographs, along with a realistic look at the challenges her father faced.

Rebecca had the good fortune of being hired in October 2008 by Susan Weil and Bernard (Bernie) Kirschenbaum and experiencing firsthand the loving relationship between Sue and Bernie and their family. She writes:

Are You a Financial Hoarder?

You may wonder what a “Financial Hoarder” is. With all of the media attention that has been given to the hoarding of physical objects, there has been little attention given to people whose focus is money. Rebecca Eddy was recently asked to present on the topic. It is not a term we had heard before, but it easily describes many of our clients over the years.

When Was the Last Time You Reviewed All Your Insurance Policies?

In June, “Insurance Awareness Day” is set aside as a day to review one’s insurance policies. When reviewing your files, consider any changes that may have come about in your life. Do you need to purchase more coverage? Over the years, we have discovered some of our clients did not have adequate coverage for their needs. Here are their stories: 

Homeowners Insurance 

Rita, Jennifer, and Sharon all had homeowners insurance for their co-op apartments, but the extent of the coverage was limited. They each had bought insurance when they purchased their co-ops, but as the value of their property increased, they had not increased their insurance. In addition, artwork by fledgling artists that they bought or had been given years prior was now worth a great deal. Rita’s beautiful Chinese print was damaged by vendors working in her home.  Unfortunately, there was no way to get reimbursement from the companies and her home insurance did not cover the repair. She would have needed insurance for specific art pieces. 

National Pop Goes the Weasel Day








June 14 observed National Pop Goes the Weasel Day.

All around the mulberry bush

The monkey chased the weasel


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