Blog: March 2017

Understanding the Effects of Memory Loss on Finances

Failure to pay bills is a common early sign of memory loss; the longer it goes unidentified, the more troublesome credit card companies can be, as they may view erratic payments as a sign of risk. Managing bank accounts online may also prove difficult for those with signs of memory loss, especially since incorrect login attempts will be red flagged. 

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Connecting With Your Elders: Stories of the Past

Every life is made up of a million stories and experiences. Each ancestor’s life is another chapter in the story of where we came from. So, it’s only natural that more and more people have taken an interest in their story through the study of genealogy.

Books, historical documents, and (more recently) websites can help in that study. If our elders are still alive, we can find a unique insight into the more recent chapters of our stories through their living history. And we can bring great joy to our seniors as we sit next to them, intrigued by what they are telling us.

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