Blog: September 2016

Make Sure Bills Get Paid!

{3:03 minutes to read} Paying bills is a critical part of any routine. Sometimes, things happen and bills go unpaid. Below, we share a few examples:
  • Justine had long-term care insurance, but when she developed Alzheimer's Disease and became confused about bills, her policy lapsed. Without insurance, she doesn’t have the coverage for the aides that she needs. 

Tips to Prevent Financial Abuse by Home Health Aides

{2:49 minutes to read} Home Health Aides are invaluable partners in enabling seniors to stay comfortably and safely in their homes. The vast majority are competent, caring and provide excellent compassionate service.  
However, there are exceptions. Among the most challenging are aides who gain their client’s trust and affection in order to manipulate the situation for their own benefit. Such abusers often target a senior, make their acquaintance in a public space such as a park or store, strike up a friendship, earn the client’s trust, offer to help, and begin to take advantage of them. Others may have known the client in a different capacity and leverage that relationship to become aides—all for personal gain.
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