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Can’t Manage Your Day to day Financial Affair. Think About Hiring a Professional Daily Money Manager.

BH Wealth Management recently published an article, featuring Eddy & Schein, about hiring a Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM). Co-founder Rebecca Eddy sat down with BH Wealth to discuss Eddy & Schein's offerings in the PDMM arena. The roles and usefulness of PDMMs are discussed in great detail. Below is an excerpt of the article. Click on the link below to read the full piece at

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The Added Value of a Professional Daily Money Manager


Financing Your Aging Parents

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Financing Your Aging Parents By Anastasia A. Saterson Do you have an aging parent who is facing the burden of increasing medical expenses and health care costs?

Whether it be doctor bills, pharmaceutical costs, or installing a stair lift, elderly people have many needs and additional expenses beyond what their income allows, but they have equity in their home. As an alternative to informally loaning your parents money, setting up a personal mortgage to them may be the answer.

Susan lived closer to her parents than her four siblings. When her mother began having health issues they decided to hire a caregiver. She needed someone to help with her exercises, meals and bathing. Initially, it was a few days a week, but eventually, 24-hour assistance was required. Her parents could not afford it and they were not eligible for traditional loans. Susan began loaning them money.

Cooperative Conversations Lead to Happy Seniors & Family Members

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Cooperative Conversations Lead to Happy Seniors & Family Members By JuliAnne DeChaineHoliday visits may have triggered concerns about an aging loved one.

In our last blog post, we shared the story of Norman, a 78-year-old widower with a declining social life following his two back surgeries. JuliAnne DeChaine, our regional director, worked with Norman’s younger sisters to create opportunities for Norman to share in the 2013 holiday festivities.

After the 2013 holiday, JuliAnne encouraged the sisters to visit their brother more often; each was able to make an additional trip during the year. These visits presented opportunities to involve family and friends living nearby to expand Norman’s social calendar. The sisters were able to evaluate where professional help might be needed. They got to know Norman’s healthcare providers and neighbors, as well as identified senior resources in the area.

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