Blog: 2015

Eddy & Schein Celebrates 15 Years of Service!

{4:35 minutes to read} The first seed of Eddy & Schein, Inc. was planted in 1990 when Rebecca was hired by a friend to pay bills while she and her husband were out of the country for six months. She has been Rebecca’s client ever since. Meanwhile, Gideon was caring for his ailing mother, and subsequently her best friend, which was the impetus that led him to take on his first paying client.

Rebecca and Gideon, colleagues in another line of work, shared insights on best practices for clients with each other, and out of that collaboration grew their new company, Eddy & Schein. It was incorporated in November of 2000.

Daily Money Managers: Agents Under a Power of Attorney, Trustee or Executor

{4:35 minutes to read} Have you been struggling to identify trustworthy agents under power of attorney (POA), trustees or executors for yourself, your loved one or your clients? 

With an aging population in which many people don’t have adult children or younger friends to whom they can turn, there is a growing need for people who can be fiduciaries. Some Daily Money Managers (DMMs) who choose to perform these duties and are properly insured, may be the right choice as fiduciaries.

Vigilance Rules the Day

{4:40 minutes to read} In greater and greater numbers, seniors are living alone and facing the daily danger of unintended chaos. We all must do our best to be aware of such seniors and to protect them. While this often requires great vigilance and commitment, it does not have to be done alone.

Doris, an 80-year-old woman, found herself helpless in a nursing home. She had been injured in a fall in her apartment and was rushed to the hospital. After two weeks, Doris was sent to a skilled nursing facility to undergo rehab. The care she received there was incredibly inconsistent and appalling. 

Medicare Enrollment Made Easy — Well, Easier!

{7:25 minutes to read} Enrolling in Medicare for the first time, or changing your status, can feel like a torturous process. It does not have to be if you have a basic knowledge of the options and limitations. Since the “Annual Election Period” begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th, we summarized the basic choices and when/how to make them. We will not deal extensively with the premiums, penalties or co-pays.

There are 2 main Medicare coverage plans: Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C).  Original Medicare consists of Part A, Part B and Part D for drug coverage. A Medicare Advantage Plan consists of all three parts. Essentially, it is a less-expensive form of Medicare, but medical care is through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO); this restricts your choice of doctors and is only valid in the region in which it is issued.


What Do I Do with All My Parents’ Books?

{4:25 minutes to read} Books bring great joy to those who love to read and collect them. But they pose challenges when people move to smaller quarters or when their estates are settled. At Eddy & Schein, we are often called to assist clients, or their heirs, find a good solution - a recent case involved us finding a buyer for 4,000 books in mint condition. 

Most books have no value. However, that does not mean you should discard them. Here are some tips:




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