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The Best Gift to Give Your Aging Loved Ones This Holiday Season

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The Best Gift to Give Your Aging Loved Ones This Holiday Season By Julianne DeChaineFamily festivities this time of year, anticipated with joy, may still be a taxing experience for your aging family members. Thinking ahead about how you can help your loved one may be the best gift you offer, when carried out with good humor and dignity.

Last December, JuliAnne, our Regional Director in Los Angeles, worked with the younger sisters of Norman, a 78-year-old widower. He had been very socially active until undergoing two back surgeries within the past year. In preparation for their traditional holiday visit, JuliAnne encouraged the sisters to express their appreciation for the things their brother had always done for the family and create opportunities for him to participate in the holiday activities he enjoys. JuliAnne emphasized the importance of asking for their brother’s direction in regards to meal preparation, decorating, and the holiday schedule, in order to affirm his continued value and show respect while in his home. The sisters could then suggest that their brother deserved a break after his surgery.  

Maintaining the Family Home and Treasures

Maintaining Peace, Restoring Dignity By Diane LansingThe upcoming festivities of the holiday season can be a good opportunity to spruce up the family home, furnishings and collectibles. But for many seniors, cleaning, clearing and repairing can be especially daunting:

  • The prospect of chaos, mess and plaster dust can be strong deterrents to people accustomed to calm and routine.
  • Seniors with diminished vision may not see the early signs of water damage, peeling paint, or fraying fabrics.
  • They may also not notice safety hazards, such as chipped or uneven floors, frayed electrical cords, rugs that are curling at the edge, or sagging bookshelves.
  • People with increasing mobility issues may no longer be able to bend or stoop to care for family treasures.
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