Communicating with Aging Relatives During the Holidays

The holiday meal is planned. Candles come down from the shelves. Presents are wrapped and cards addressed. We look forward to reconnecting with family. Often that includes elderly parents, aunts, uncles, and friends.
In our work with seniors and their families, we have seen many warm and easy relationships between older and younger family members. But sometimes the two generations have little in common which can result in long, uncomfortable, silences. Or there may be a difficult subject to confront, like finances or the need for in-home care. This can result in conflict. How can two generations bridge the gap and take pleasure in their visits?

The Ugly Truth About Elder Financial Abuse & Fraud

Elder financial abuse and fraud is one of the largest growing changes in the care of seniors.

There are eight major sources of fraud: family members (including the result of sibling rivalry); unscrupulous businesses; caregivers; trusted professionals; transients; neighbors; “friends”; and what are called “sweetheart scammers."

“Sweetheart Scammers,” both domestic and foreign, ask seniors for money for a sick relative or an emotionally-compelling emergency that tugs at the heartstrings.

Where to Keep Important Documents

Recently, on Linked-In and List-Serves, there has been a lot of discussion about where to keep vital documents, such as Wills, Passports, Birth Certificates, Social Security cards, etc.  The various Elder Law and other legal groups do not necessarily agree about wills.  Some states require that a law firm keep an original, some do not.  But most attorneys we deal with would prefer to keep the original in the firm.  For all documents, there is the on-going discussion about Bank Safety Deposit Boxes vs. safes at home, vs. in other family member homes, etc.

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