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Seniors in Cities: Protecting Aging Residents

{2:50 minutes to read} City dwellers living in multiunit housing have unique challenges. Every building has its own cast of characters, each making lifestyle choices which may or may not affect their neighbors. Nonsmokers may take issue with smokers, particularly those who smoke heavily. Non-pet owners may not appreciate pet owners, especially those who are unable to properly care for or control their pets. Among the many needs and desires of residents that a building manager may juggle, the special concerns specific to aging residents may be the most challenging.

Financial Abuse of Seniors: How to Uncover and Prevent It

{3:00 minutes to read} One of the unfortunate realities of aging is an increase in vulnerability. We all know seniors are prone to falls and illness, but there are other areas of danger that caregivers and family members should be aware of.

Despite the availability of information, instances of elder abuse can take many forms and be difficult to uncover. One of the more prevalent types of abuse dealt with at Eddy & Schein is financial abuse, which can result in major losses when left unchecked.

Synergy: Enhancing the Work of a Team Already in Place

Synergy: Enhancing the Work of a Team Already in Place By Eddy & ScheinWhen a client has a team of healthcare, financial or administrative professionals, there sometimes needs to be a liaison between the client and the professionals, or between the different professionals. 

A daily money manager/financial organizer can do that.

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