Are You a Financial Hoarder?

You may wonder what a “Financial Hoarder” is. With all of the media attention that has been given to the hoarding of physical objects, there has been little attention given to people whose focus is money. Rebecca Eddy was recently asked to present on the topic. It is not a term we had heard before, but it easily describes many of our clients over the years.

When Was the Last Time You Reviewed All Your Insurance Policies?

In June, “Insurance Awareness Day” is set aside as a day to review one’s insurance policies. When reviewing your files, consider any changes that may have come about in your life. Do you need to purchase more coverage? Over the years, we have discovered some of our clients did not have adequate coverage for their needs. Here are their stories: 

Homeowners Insurance 

Rita, Jennifer, and Sharon all had homeowners insurance for their co-op apartments, but the extent of the coverage was limited. They each had bought insurance when they purchased their co-ops, but as the value of their property increased, they had not increased their insurance. In addition, artwork by fledgling artists that they bought or had been given years prior was now worth a great deal. Rita’s beautiful Chinese print was damaged by vendors working in her home.  Unfortunately, there was no way to get reimbursement from the companies and her home insurance did not cover the repair. She would have needed insurance for specific art pieces. 

National Pop Goes the Weasel Day








June 14 observed National Pop Goes the Weasel Day.

All around the mulberry bush

The monkey chased the weasel

Older Americans Month: Engage at Every Age

This year, Older Americans Month (observed every May) addresses one of our favorite topics, “Keeping Engaged at Every Age.” The client managers at Eddy & Schein have had the pleasure of working with seniors for the last 20 years. In this time, we’ve posted many articles that share ideas of how to keep our loved ones engaged as they age, and the importance of participating in activities that promote mental and physical wellness. 

While the positive effects of self-care cannot be overstated, it is also important to remember that we are never too old to make a difference in our world. The breadth of experience that seniors have gives them the ability to offer wisdom and experience to the next generation. What an amazing range of events seniors have lived through; each decade varies from the next and differs even more from the world we live in today. Below are a few examples of insight, experience, and history that come with age:

Families With Children & Teens Need Mental Health Check-Ups

Rebecca Eddy and Gideon Schein - Families with Children & Teens Need Mental Health Check-ups Mental health has become a hot button issue. Addressing mental health matters includes concern for the impact of social pressures, politics, and conditioned prejudice.

On Friday, May 18, 2018, there was another mass shooting in an American school. Setting aside any larger political discussion, the shooting was an example of the extremes faced by our youth and raises more concerns about their mental health.

Teen suicide rates have risen (alarmingly so) over the past two years, but mental health issues are by no means limited to youth. With the ever-increasing stress of economic and social pressures, mental health issues have become more common in family life. Still, a large majority of us are unwilling, ashamed, or afraid to seek help for ourselves or for our friends and family.

During Mental Health Awareness month, we would like to share a campaign organized by NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) in the hope that greater understanding can assist in reducing the current stigma.


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