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For nearly two decades, Eddy & Schein has been at the forefront of the growing field of elder care.  We are proud of our leadership in helping seniors address the challenges of aging, adding the peace of mind that comes when complex financial and administrative needs are met.

Eddy & Schein collaborates closely with clients' financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, and health care professionals.  When needed, we can also recommend trusted professionals to be added to the clients’ support team.

All Eddy & Schein client managers are members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and adhere to the exacting principles laid out in AADMM’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

New York

Rebecca R. Eddy, co-founder, has over twenty five years' experience as a financial organizer and daily money manager for seniors and high net worth individuals. Her prior work ranged from running not-for-profit programs for out-of-work people, women prisoners preparing for release, middle school children, and an East Harlem neighborhood, to being part of a team in the corporate department of Moody’s Investors Service.  She has also served as treasurer for a variety of family trusts and not-for-profit boards. 

In addition to her work with clients, Rebecca has been a leader in raising public awareness about the many ways people can prepare for their later years, with everything in place for their enjoyment and peace of mind. She has been a speaker at national conferences and has led numerous workshops and webinars. She has been published in the New York State Bar Association Elder Law Section newsletter, and several National Association of Professional Organizers newsletters. 

Rebecca is the founding president of the Greater New York Chapter of AADMM, serving for five years, and is one of the first Professional Daily Money Managers (PDMM®) to be certified in New York City. She got her BA from Kirkland College (sister to Hamilton College) and has an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Gideon Y. Schein, co-founder, has worked as a financial organizer and daily money manager for seniors since 1998. Working patiently to reduce the stress seniors often feel when confronted with today's high-tech, high-speed world, he helps his clients maintain a feeling of independence in their personal affairs. He has extensive experience and expertise on issues relating to Medicare and secondary insurance for seniors, and he has given numerous lectures and seminars at the national and local level on these topics. Gideon has been interviewed on radio shows and quoted in newspaper articles.

Gideon has worked with not-for-profit arts organizations, in both administrative and creative roles. He spent over three decades as a producer, artistic director, director, and writer in theater, musical theater, opera, film, and television all around the world. The listening and organizational skills he developed working with performing artists have proven to be invaluable to his work with seniors.

He is also active in professional organizations, holding several leadership positions. Gideon is currently on the board of the Amercian Association Daily Money Managers and is active on several national committees of the organization. He is one of the first Professional Daily Money Managers (PDMM®) to be certified in New York City. Gideon graduated from Oberlin College and received his MBA from Columbia University.

Diane Lansing, client manager, joined Eddy & Schein in 2014. She has over three decades experience as an executive and consultant in finance, communications and strategic marketing. She has helped individual clients streamline their personal and professional operations to be timely and effective, focusing on such areas as financial organization, data management, and insurance claims processing.

Before joining Eddy & Schein, Diane led the Business Development program for the Municipal Finance Division of Merrill Lynch and the Public Sector Marketing Program at Touche Ross. She created and launched a national award-winning public service publishing company focused on early childhood development. She has also served in leadership roles for philanthropic organizations in New York, focusing on finance and development.

With this background, Diane brings in-depth financial organizational expertise to Eddy & Schein's clients, especially in income and expense tracking, records and data organization and in managing health care insurance claims.

Diane received her BA from the University of Michigan and her MBA from New York University.

Arlene GlotzerArlene Glotzer, client manager, prior to joining Eddy & Schein in 2016, spent her career in international economics and foreign exchange. She has worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Ford Motor Company and various New York banks. Her responsibilities ranged from explaining financial market developments and foreign currency exposures to government policy makers and corporate financial managers, to designing and implementing strategies to mitigate currency risk.

When Arlene’s parents could no longer manage their financial affairs, her family asked her to oversee their investments and to coordinate their living and home health care arrangements. From this experience, she was drawn to the field of daily money management and has since directed her career to supporting seniors. She offers Eddy & Schein clients a broad knowledge of investment management, tax and accounting issues, as well as experience with selecting and funding assisted living and independent living options.

Arlene received her BA from Binghamton University and her MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Joe Davis, office manager, has been with Eddy & Schein since 2011. He brought to his position extensive senior administrative and program management experience.  He has led successful fundraising campaigns for a variety of projects and organizations. He has designed, staffed and managed large scale programs and new venture start-ups, building teams of professionals and coordinating their work.

Joe has also held administrative positions in banking and finance for multi-national organizations, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, and Chemical Bank.  His efficient management of our operations is matched by his sensitive and timely response to our clients' needs.




JuliAnne DeChaineJuliAnne DeChaine, regional director, has been instrumental in introducing the services of Eddy & Schein to the Los Angeles area. In her work with individuals and small businesses, JuliAnne has streamlined procedures to track income and expenses, manage customer accounts, and organize records and documents. She has increasingly directed her expertise to serving the elderly, helping them to plan for life transitions and manage their financial resources.

Her experiences prior to Eddy & Schein included work as a consultant in marketing strategy, environmental efficiency, fundraising, and design. JuliAnne integrated her knowledge of business development, management, and fine arts to meet the varied challenges of such clients as PBS-WNET, Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Boston Ballet, American Youth Soccer Association, and Sanrio Corporation in Japan. For these and many other clients she has designed projects and programs and then coordinated and managed their implementation.

JuliAnne studied Arts Administration at Brown University, earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and her Master's Degree from Brandeis University.

Jennifer BigelowChris Glaeser, client manager, brings a diverse portfolio of business experience to his work with Eddy & Schein. In recent years, he has enjoyed working with high net worth individuals, providing a variety of financial organizational services.  Such services have included income and expense management, bill paying, account and record management and preparation during pre-tax season.

Chris is highly experienced in working with businesses and individuals to streamline procedures for tracking income and expenses, manage accounts and organize records and important documents for effective reference. He keeps a focus on utilizing his expertise to fit each client’s needs and provide for their financial stability.

Earlier in his career Chris worked in international business development with a focus on mergers and acquisitions.  He also has provided business consultation to a variety of small businesses across the United States.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of St. Thomas.  He is an active volunteer with the Kiwanis Club, Aquarium of the Pacific and the California Science Center.



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