Enriching a Life by Restoring the Past to Build the Future

Enriching a Life by Restoring the Past to Build the FutureWhen illness and aging cause seniors to minimize their activities, finding creative solutions to help them enhance their lives is critical.

Case Study:

George is a man in his late 80s who led an independent life until he developed cancer, experienced severe macular degeneration, and a lifelong stutter got worse. He was very aware of not appearing the way he used to, and was extremely self-conscious.

At our initial assessment in George’s apartment, there were 2 lawyers, 2 bankers and us. It was quite a crowd, and it was obvious a working relationship was already in place.

While Rebecca spoke with George and the others to identify the specific needs for which Eddy & Schein had been invited to join the team, I went into the bathroom. There, I found little placards with funny French remarks. So, I came out and started speaking fluent French to George. The rest was history. There was virtually no one else in the room except the two of us -- communicating gracefully in another language.

From then on, my goal was to restore George to his previous life.

Caring for Seniors: Don’t Go It Alone

Caring for Seniors: Don’t Go It Alone By Eddy & Schein

Sometimes seniors or their families do not know enough about senior issues. This was the case for Lillian and her neighbor.

Lillian’s neighbor contacted us because she was very worried about Lillian’s situation in a nursing home. Lillian was confused and in deteriorating physical health and developing bad bedsores. The food and care was inadequate. Nursing home staff had impatiently pushed her toward her bed, she fell and broke her leg. The nursing home staff was also abusing Lillian financially - applying for Medicaid and petitioning for guardianship to gain control of her income and assets, as well as declaring themselves representative payees and redirecting her Social Security to themselves.

Eddy & Schein Expands to California!

Eddy & Schein is Expanding to California! By Rebecca Eddy and Gideon ScheinOur clientele is growing, and so are we! We are pleased to announce the addition of a Los Angeles office and the hiring of three new client managers:

  • JuliAnne DeChaine is Regional Director of our Los Angeles office.

  • Diane Lansing and Anastasia Saterson were hired in response to increasing demand for our services in New York.

JuliAnne, Diane and Anastasia bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise in all of the services we offer — organizing and managing personal, financial, legal and health insurance matters.

Where to Keep Important Documents

Recently, on Linked-In and List-Serves, there has been a lot of discussion about where to keep vital documents, such as Wills, Passports, Birth Certificates, Social Security cards, etc.  The various Elder Law and other legal groups do not necessarily agree about wills.  Some states require that a law firm keep an original, some do not.  But most attorneys we deal with would prefer to keep the original in the firm.  For all documents, there is the on-going discussion about Bank Safety Deposit Boxes vs. safes at home, vs. in other family member homes, etc.

Hidden Cash

"$1.6 billion is hidden down the back of U.S. sofas. We see a world of potential. Do you?" A subway ad with a photo of a happy senior on a sofa with her huge stuffed animal tiger and the quoted words is one of HSBC's clever ads.

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