Stress Reduction for All Walks of Life

The top four causes of stress in American adults, according to The American Institute of Stress, are Job Pressure, Money, Health, and Relationships

Curious how a Daily Money Manager (DMM) can reduce your stress?

Hiring a DMM is unlikely to directly impact the stress that comes from job pressure, but the next three stressors can be minimized with the assistance of a DMM. The variety of reasons for involving a DMM can potentially affect many facets of life.

April is Financial Literacy Month

Financial literacy is composed of the skills and knowledge which allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions concerning their finances.

Understanding and practicing basic money management skills — such as living within the means of a budget and handling credit and debt — is very important for students and grownups alike. However, according to an S&P Global FinLit Survey by the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University, just one-third of the world's population is financially literate. On a country-by-country basis:

Medicare Observation Status: Were You Admitted or Not?

George was having more and more pain in his belly. He called his doctor, who, upon hearing about the severity of his pain, told him to go to the emergency room. Following triage, lab tests, and doctors’ exams, the hospital admitted George. Since there was no available room, he had to wait three hours before a registrar informed him that he had been “admitted under observation.” Should he or should he not agree to be admitted?

What exactly is “Observation Status” and why should Medicare recipients be wary of it?

The Importance of Ice Cream at Breakfast

As a work day begins and thousands of people rush to prepare themselves for work and school; as thousands of bowls of cereal are attacked with thousands of spoons, countless eggs are cooked, and coffee or tea is brewed; a couple sits together happily indulging in a nice hot cup of coffee with ice cream. And then they dance.

Ice cream for breakfast may sound like the fantasy of a small child, but this morning ritual is one of the many ways our clients have found to capture joy every single day.


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‘Tis the Season….to Work on Your Taxes

The holidays are over, and instead of greeting cards filling your mailbox, W-2s, K-1s, and 1099s forms are arriving. These signal the beginning of tax season and the time to start gathering all the information needed to send to your accountant. If you tackle the task now, you'll be able to identify what you are missing before the deadline. 


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